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Job Opening: Executive Director of IAO

In nonprofits, OKC, oklahoma, Visual Art on June 24, 2012 at 11:48 am

Individual Artists of Oklahoma

Executive Director


Under the direction of the Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO) Board of Directors, the IAO Executive Director leads the organization in financial growth, long-range planning, community relations and the overall administration of the organization in accordance with the IAO mission.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

  • Understands and embraces the IAO mission;
  • Ensures the consistent achievement of the organization’s mission and financial objectives;
  • Works in conjunction with the finance committee and outside financial professionals to manage the organization’s finances, including the maintenance of an accounting system, daily bookkeeping and other financial accounting activities, ie, ledger posting, income statements, payroll, taxes and bank deposits;
  • Effectively and efficiently directs the organization, including the management of the organization’s day-to-day operations;
  • Provides professional support to assigned committees, to include meeting attendance and input;
  • Develops and supervises a strong volunteer workforce;
  • Fulfills all Board directives in a timely manner;
  • Hours are adjusted to accommodate gallery hours, public relations, community outreach and evening events.
  • Focuses on fundraising, community relations and strong leadership to the organization’s Board and volunteer base;
  • Is instrumental in working with the Board to identify and pursue the organization’s short-term and long-term goals;


a)      Four year Bachelor degree from an accredited university.  Equivalent experience considered;

b)    A minimum of 3 years experience in nonprofit management or related field;

c)    Ability to fundraise successfully;

d)    A solid background in administrative management, including staff and volunteer management;

e)    A strong understanding of the organization’s mission

f)       A strong appreciation for experimental and thought-provoking art;

g)    Computer proficiency to include membership and financial databases, websites, social networking and MS Office;

h)    The ability to fulfill the organization’s mission with open, cooperative communication with IAO members, volunteers, the Board of Directors, prospective and current donors, artists and the community;

i)        Capacity to work with senior level corporate, civic, small businesses, philanthropic and public sector officials;

j)        Excellent writing skills;

k)     Excellent group presentation skills;

l)        Ability to manage multiple projects, deadlines and demands effectively.

Starting Salary

  • $38,000/Year

Applications will be accepted until position is filled and must include a cover letter, resume and two references.  Please email to  For more details on the position, please visit


Individual Artist of Oklahoma

In Visual Art on September 19, 2011 at 8:28 pm

Individual Artists of Oklahoma (IAO) has given Oklahoma visual artists, poets, musicians and other creatives a venue for sharing their work since 1979. Now located at 706 W. Sheridan, just west of downtown, IAO maintains a robust schedule of programming including monthly exhibits, IdeaLab lecture series, Extreme Championship Poetry, Static film series and various other events, screenings and performances.

IAO plays a crucial role in OKC’s cultural landscape by both embracing and challenging local artists with a mission of:

…sustaining and encouraging emerging and established artists in all media who are intellectually and aesthetically provocative or experimental in subject matter or technique.

As a truly grassroots organization IAO provides opportunities for anyone to become engaged in the initiation, organization and execution of the many diverse programs.

Contact executive director Clint Stone at to learn how you can get involved.


In The arts on September 12, 2011 at 8:03 pm

The opening night of deadCENTER was one of the coolest events that I attended in the last year. Thousands of people sitting on a closed off street in downtown OKC watching a documentary set partly in Oklahoma was kind of awesome. That evening was followed up by dozens of screenings of independent films all over OKC.

From their website:

The name “deadCENTER” refers to the geographic location of the festival – in Oklahoma City – the “dead center” of the United States. And because we’re downtown Oklahoma City, essentially we’re in the dead center of everything!  Founded in 2001, we envision a thriving, interactive global film community. We provide a competitive platform for independent filmmakers and a dynamic educational forum.  Designed to inspire growth in the local film industry and energize visiting film professionals, the deadCENTER Film Festival will continue to encourage the film arts through screenings, discussions, competition, special events, panels, and focused programming.


Evaluation of Nonprofit Programs

In evaluation on August 25, 2011 at 7:58 pm

Over the past couple of years I have become  possibly the only evaluation groupie on earth. Last year I attended the American Evaluation Association conference in San Antonio on my vacation. I read (and barely understand) academic journals about evaluation. For a while I considered getting a masters degree in evaluation before discovering that my remedial math skills would be a barrier. My new goal is to have a basic understanding of the evaluation process and results.

Why is evaluation important? Because it is the most accurate way to discover the results of our work. Without true evaluation we have no idea if the programs that we devote time and money to really benefit anyone.

The nonprofit sector that I have found most lacking in their evaluation methods is the arts. Many arts organizations seem to believe that have no need to prove that their work benefits the public. If the the arts are to be respected this has to change.

If anyone reading this has a interest in evaluation or knows someone who does, please let me know.

What OKC Needs

In nonprofits on August 18, 2011 at 8:01 am

In an earlier post I wrote about the effort to bring Breakthrough to Oklahoma City. These are some other types of nonprofits that OKC could benefit from.

Job training programs like these in Austin:

Artist collectives like these in Philadelphia:

Free “Schools” like these:
Whole Neighborhood Initiatives like these:
Artist Residencies like these:
In the future I will write about other types of organizations that I would like to see in Oklahoma.


In The arts on August 12, 2011 at 8:14 am

No organization does more for Oklahoma artists than the Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition (OVAC). Since 1988 they have  developed unique programs that enable and encourage artists to create.

Looking at the things that OVAC does right could be instructive for any nonprofit:

  • Mission driven- their mission is present in all aspects of their work.
  • Large donor base- this allows them to remain free of the constraints sometimes imposed when an organization is over reliant on large donors.
  • Large volunteer base- the small staff (3.5) accomplishes a tremendous amount because so many people believe in OVAC.
  • Strong leadership- the board is committed to the organization and maintains a appropriate relationship with the executive director, Julia Kirt.
  • Strong Staff- OVAC retains good people for much longer than most nonprofits.

This list could be much longer. If you are at all interested in visual art and you live in Oklahoma there is no better way to show support than by joining OVAC.

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